Council Office Refurbishment


Stevenage Borough Council


Office Refurbishment




9 Weeks

Start Date

July 2017

  • Feature Ceiling Blue
  • Feature Ceiling Red no Light
  • Feature Ceiling Blue No Light
  • Glazed Fronted Partition Frameless
  • Feature Ceiling Blue Inside
  • Office Front
  • Kitchenette
  • Office Space
  • Blue Feature Ceiling Lights On

Works Incorporated:

  • Removal of existing partitons, ceilings and finishes.
  • Formation of new partitions, including one frameless glazed system and several framed, double glazed.
  • New ceilings throughout, mainly lay in grid with two feature plasterboard ceilings utilising varying heights, shapes and BG Rigitone 8-15-20 super boards to give an eye catching finished product.
  • A complete electrical, fire alarm and data overhaul alongide the installation of new A/C units throughout.
  • All new decoration, vinyl and carpet floor finishes.
  • Two new kitchenettes/tea points.
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